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  1. Automation
  2. Global Perspective
  3. Structure and Muscle Physiology
  4. Live Bird Handling
  5. Primary Processing of Poultry
  6. HACCP in Primary Processing
  7. Inspection and Grading
  8. Stunning
  9. Portioning, Deboning and Fresh Meat Composition
  10. Further Processing – Equipment
  11. Meat Processing, Cooling and Preservation Methods
  12. HACCP in Cooked Meat Operations
  13. Principles of Meat Processing
  14. Battering and Breading – Production Under HACCP
  15. Microbiology and Sanitation
  16. Evaluating Texture and Sensory Attributes
  17. Evaluating Water/Fat Binding and Colour
  18. Waste Treatment and By-Products